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Whales of the Mediterranean sea - POSTER by namu-the-orca

An absolutely stellar piece of both artwork and analytical research, "Whales of The Mediterranean Sea" caught my attention from the first glance. The technique of your utilization with fine-lining details, vivid coloration and realistic texturization make these featured whales not only to appear professionally excecuted, but moreover captivating, alive and some even 3-dimensional.

Additionally, the format provided for the displayed graphic designs uphold a clean, well-calculated and spaced format, endowing the fellow viewer an impeccably clear vision of the work, and eliminating nearly all major factors contributing to any visionary downfalls. Even though the downloaded version of the chart is striking in its high resolution, the only critic I have is that some areas of the text as seen on the Deviant Art display prove less discernable than other sectors.

Nevertheless and other than that, I find very little else (if nothing prominent) to critic, and the only thing else to say is absolutely superb work! This could belong easily in any professional account regarding cetaceans! In conclusion, I eagerly look forward in seeing your future creations, namu-the-orca!
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namu-the-orca Featured By Owner Dec 3, 2012
Thank you so much for the awesome critique! I'm really glad the format worked out; and indeed, some of the text is small compared to the overall size. I'm afraid I made the whales a bit too big :XD: Thanks so much again :hug:
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